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Our Services

At present we have 4 full time male GPs and 2 female GP’s who consult five days per week, and share Saturday morning surgery every second weekend on average. There is an ‘on call’ service every day of the year. This is shared between the doctors during the weeknights and with the Lime Medical Clinic on long weekends and public holidays. We employ 3 Registered Nurses ensuring a nurse is always on site when the Doctors are consulting, and to maintain a sterile environment for surgical procedures. They attend to our vaccinations and other injections, wound dressings and provide assistance for all medical procedures undertaken at the surgery.

In close proximity to our clinic are a wide range of allied services like pathology labs (Australian Clinical Labs, Barratt & Smith Labs, and St John of God), Imaging services ( Sunraysia Medical Imaging and Ontario Radiology). Mildura Base Hospital, Mildura Private Hospital. A wide range of medical and surgical specialists, and Mildura Cardiology are located adjacent to our practice providing quick access to various medical services.