Scripts repeat request

Special arrangements for repeat prescriptions during COVID-19 Pandemic

We are now providing Telehealth consultations for patients for prescription renewals. When you call the reception, a booking for a brief telehealth consult will be made, and the doctor will call you to confirm the ongoing need and print out the prescriptions.

Most chemists (as nominated by patients) are now able to pick up the prescriptions on their behalf , and will be ready generally the next day. We can of course fax it if it was required for on the day.

There is no usual prescription renewal fee during the COVID pandemic period.

We will update you when we return to usual practice after the restrictions are lifted.

Helping you get your medicine if you are confined at home, please refer here

The below information( our standard procedure) is not applicable during the COVID -19 Period.

All requests for repeat prescriptions will be reviewed by your doctor and a decision is then made as to whether this repeat is appropriate for your health care needs. A receptionist will contact you  if the request has been declined by the doctor, and organise an appointment for you if necessary.
Please allow atleast 48 hours for your prescription  to be ready for collection. In emergency cases only, at the discretion of the practice, scripts will be faxed to your pharmacy. A Script only appointment can be made at the clinic for emergency prescriptions.
Please note that there is a fee chargeable for script requests, please contact the reception staff for more details.